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Check Meraki is Installed Correctly
Meraki is actually installed in 2 places on a student iPad. If either of these places are not installed correctly, Meraki will not work correctly. It is important that a Student's iPad is compliant in both installations. You can follow these instructions to check.

1. Checking the Meraki Profile
  • To check the Meraki Profile, start by heading to Settings > General > Profiles and Mobile Management (If this option does not exist then the Meraki profile is not installed).
  • There should be a profile called "Meraki" or something to that effect. If this profile does not exist then the Meraki profile is not installed.
2. Checking the Meraki App
  • To Check the Meraki Application, find and open the Meraki App, which has the icon with "SM" on it. (If the application is not on the iPad then it will need to be installed).
  • Once the application is open you will then need to navigate to the "Home" tab. Once open you will need to check that the below titles have a green tick next to them.
    • Connected - Means the student has recently "Checked-in" with Meraki for updates.
    • Enrolled - Means the student has a profile on the Meraki Server
    • Compliant - Means the student has up to date Security Profiles and Apps.
3. What to do if they are not compliant in either 1 or 2:
  • If students are not complaint in either point one or two then they will need to uninstall all traces of Meraki and then reinstall it.
  • Removing the Profile
    • Navigate to Settings > General > Profiles and Mobile Management and then click on the Meraki profile and select "Remove Profile"
  • Removing the App
    • Simply press and hold on the App icon on the iPad's home screen and then select the "Cross" on the app icon to uninstall it.
  • Re-enrolling in Meraki
    • Click here for instructions to install Meraki. Please note that this must be done at home, so it might be necessary to print or email these instructions to the student or their parents.

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