JBSC SharePoint Permissions

Audience: IT Support Staff Notes: This process assumes that the IT Support Officer has access to modify an individuals group memberships in DAM. Effective: 12/01/2021 The permissions for the Joseph Banks Secondary College SharePoint are now managed via Groups in DAM. The following groups and access rights are applicable: Group Access E4192S01-FolderContentAdministrators Owner E4192S01-Team-Executive Owner E4192S01-Community-XXXXX Edit […]

New Student iPad Requirements

Audience: College Staff, Student and Parents Notes:  In 2021 the College will update its minimum BYOD requirements to ensure students can achieve the best outcomes possible with their technology. The update will also align requirements to the College’s “n-1” policy. This policy ensures that all devices on Campus are either the most up to date Operating […]

Webex Meetings PL

Audience: College Staff Notes:  Learn how to use Webex Meetings in depth through this PL recording. Understand how to create a meeting and invite people, how to share your screen, documents and other resources. This PL was provided online through Webex Training and was recorded. The recording can be accessed by the link and password below: https://educationwa.webex.com/educationwa/lsr.php?RCID=de2b767bc0a2487ea8ed1724dd95d9d0 […]

How to distribute pages to your Class – OneNote Class Notebook

Audience: College Staff Notes:  Staff must already have created a OneNote Class Notebook to distribute lesson pages to students.   Mr Jack Milton has created the below video to guide staff in distributing lesson pages to your students in OneNote Class Notebook. Additional Resources: Click here to access Microsoft’s Instruction Page on distributing pages and sections to students. […]

Record PowerPoint Presentations

Audience: College Staff and Students Notes:  Users will need to use the Office PowerPoint application, not the web version. You can install Microsoft Office by following the instructions here. You can record a PowerPoint presentation and yourself narrating it. You can then export it and upload it to ClickView and/ or SEQTA. Record narration and timings Select Slide […]

Webex Professional Learning: 23/04/2020

Audience: College Staff Notes:  This PL was provided by S. Barnett on 23/03/2020 This PL covers the 3 different Webex applications used by staff within the College. Unfortunately the first few minutes were cut off during recording.   Additional Resources None Key Words: Webex PL, Professional Learning, Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, Webex Training, Online Student Delivery.

Forward calls from your Cisco VoIP Phone to another extension or your mobile phone.

Audience: College Staff Notes:  This will forward all calls, only do this if you want all calls to the phone to be forwarded. All Cisco phones can have “forward-all” setup without any input or configuration by the Joseph Banks Secondary College IT Support Team or the DOE Customer Service Centre. 1) On the phone press the “Forward-All” […]

Add someone to your Webex Team

Audience: College Staff Notes:  Staff must have downloaded and installed the Cisco Webex Teams App. You must be a moderator of a Team to add new members. 1) Click Teams  and then select a team. 2) Select Members, click  Add Team Member, enter the person’s name or email address, and then choose them from the list. Additional Resources Original Instructions from […]

Access support for Apple devices and applications

Audience: College Staff, Students and Parents Notes:  Staff, students and their families can access technical support for Apple devices and applications directly from AppleCare Support. AppleCare Support is available at no cost to you and is provided through the Department’s AppleCare Enterprise agreement. As access to AppleCare Support is not based on the ownership of the device […]

Access SEQTA e-Courses

Audience: College Staff Notes:  Staff have access to a range of online eCourses created and offered by SEQTA. These are designed to help you refresh your skills or develop them in SEQTA Teach. Click on the link below to access the online courses: https://static.seqta.com.au/ecourses/ The webinars will be held at specific times, but also recorded for those […]

Schedule a Webex Meeting through Webex Teams

Audience: College Staff Notes:  Staff must have downloaded and installed the Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex Teams App. Click here for more information. You can schedule a Webex meeting within Webex Teams. Your team will automatically be invited to this meeting, so make sure you are scheduling in the correct space. Additional Resources Webex Online Tutorials can be found […]

Reset a Students Password

Audience: Staff Notes: A students College password is their credentials for several applications: SEQTA, Wifi, ClickView, Office365, Portal, Ikon. Changing a students password means they will need to re-authenticate to these services after the reset has been completed. 1) Navigate to DoE Account Manager (DAM) by clicking the link here or under the DOE links widget on the […]