How to Change Staff Member Password on DAM

Audience: Technical Support Officers

Notes: It is the Technical Support Officers responsibility to follow password security protocol when updating Staff or Student details. The following instructions are under the assumption that you have a log in for the DOE Account Manager (DAM) and have site management access.

To view the instructions for changing a students password click here.

1. Accessing DOE Account Manager
To begin, open up your web browser and type in the URL – and enter your credentials. This will take you to the Maintain Staff Accounts screen, showing the search window for our school.

2. Searching for the Staff Member Account
Staying on the Maintain Staff Accounts page, there are search bars where you have the option of searching the User ID (e-number), Given name or Surname. Type in the provided credentials and select ‘Search’, the relevant staff member(s) should show up below and then select the staff member you wish to reset.

3. Enter New Password
Once you have selected the relevant staff member, go to the ‘Password Reset’ section and fill in the ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm’ fields with the desired password. We are either to provide them with a password or they type it in themselves, we do not let them give a spoken password over the phone or in person. Deselect ‘Force Change At Next Login’.

4. Verify User’s Identity
You must ensure that you are only resetting the password for the person in front of you and not on the behalf of someone else. You can verify their information by asking them for their e-number or other details that display on the screen. Once you have done this, select the ‘I have confirmed their identity’ checkbox.

5. Completion
Once they are verified and have filled out the password fields, click ‘Reset Password’ and it will update immediately. If it is to access the network, get the staff or student to try reconnect in front of you before sending them away.

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