New Student iPad Requirements

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In 2021 the College will update its minimum BYOD requirements to ensure students can achieve the best outcomes possible with their technology. The update will also align requirements to the College’s “n-1” policy. This policy ensures that all devices on Campus are either the most up to date Operating Systems (Windows, iOS, iPadOS, MacOS) or previous one.

BYO iPad

The Middle School (Year 7, 8 and 9) BYODD (Bring Your Own Designated Device) program requires the students to bring an Apple iPad. New Middle School students, commencing during or after 2021 are request to bring an iPad that supports iPadOS 13 or above.

You can view what iPads are compatible with iPadOS 13 here:

Zulu Desk (Jamf School)

From 2021 all Middle School students are required to have Jamf School (formally known as Zulu Desk) installed on their iPad. This App allows teachers to have better control over student devices while they are being used in the class room. Zulu Desk is complemented by the Apple Class Room App which allows teachers to view all student devices at the same time. This provides greater supervision for monitoring student activity while they are on campus.

While in class, teachers will be able to restrict what apps and websites students have access to. To students, their iPad will work exactly the same, as usual, and there will be no restrictions on student’s devices outside of the College’s learning hours. In 2020 the College plans to launch the use of the parent equivalent of Zulu Desk. The parent App will allow you to enforce your own App and Website restrictions while your child is at home.
The App will assist teachers to deliver better student learning outcomes and help your child grow their curiosity and knowledge. The College will provide the Zulu Desk licence to all Year 7 and 8 students. The Department of Education provides all students with the Microsoft Office 365 suite of Apps and these, along with the NAPLAN app will be installed at the same time as Zulu Desk.

For more information about Jamf School, ZuluDesk or BYOD, please contact the IT Support Team at or on 08 9303 7456.

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