Accessing SIS Remote Desktop from home.

Audience: College Staff


1. Open the “Virtual Desktop – SIS” link under the smart links section on the SEQTA home page. 

2. Follow the prompts to sign-in, using your normal DOE username and password. You may need to use the Microsoft Authenticator Application if prompted to.

3. Select “Virtual Desktop”, under School Resources.

4. Login using your email and portal password. This may take a while to load the first time time you login.

5. Once you see a Windows Desktop Screen, navigate to the “This PC” icon on the desktop and open the Shared Drive. (Note: this may take a few moments to show up).

6. Navigate to Admin Shared > All Staff

7. Click on the icon that says “Site SIS TS”.

8. If prompted, enter your e-number and portal password as required.

9. Once you have opened that program, you should see the below icons:

10. Use the SIS Terminal Service as Normal.

Known Limitations:

  • Local (home) printers will not show up in SIS for staff to print to. Instead, staff should print the document to the PDF printer, and save the export to their H:\ drive. This document can then be accessed from within the AVD to be printed from locally. The IT Support team is working on an instruction set for printing through this platform.
  • Microsoft Teams may not always perform as expected from the virtual desktop. This may be improved if you set up Teams locally on your remote device.
  • The SIS client can’t be installed in AVD as the response time will corrupt the database. We are aware of the requests for remote access to SIS and are working on a solution.