Reset a Students Password

Audience: Staff


  • A students College password is their credentials for several applications: SEQTA, Wifi, ClickView, Office365, Portal, Ikon. Changing a students password means they will need to re-authenticate to these services after the reset has been completed.

1) Navigate to DoE Account Manager (DAM) by clicking the link here or under the DOE links widget on the SEQTA home page.

2) Login with your College credentials.


3) Search for the student that you would like to reset by entering their first name in the “Given Name” field. If students have a preferred name in SIS this will be their First Name in DAM.

4) Click to highlight the appropriate student in Yellow.

5) Under the “Password Rest” section, un-check the “Force Change at Next Login” option.

6) Enter their new Password. Note the minimum requirements for student passwords:

  • Minimum of 6 characters
  • At least one numeric character or special character
  • At lease one uppercase character

7) Select “Reset Password”.

8) Wait for the prompt that the password was reset successfully.

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