Schedule a Webex Meeting through your web browser

Audience: College Staff


  • Staff must have downloaded and installed the Cisco Webex Meetings App. Click here for more information.


Once you have installed Webex Meetings, you can follow the below information on how to schedule a meeting with students.

1) Sign in to Webex Meetings Online here, using your College Email and normal Credentials.

2) Select “Meetings” on the Left Hand Side of the Screen. You will be displayed with the page below. Here you can manage your already scheduled meetings, and meetings you have been invited too.Webex Online Meetings

3) Select “Schedule” in the top right corner of the screen.

4) Enter the relevant information, the password will be required by anyone joining the meeting, so keep it easy for students. This could, for example, be posted to SEQTA. If you enter all of the Students email address in, you can select later if you want to include this password or not. You do not need to enter every student’s email address. They can join via a code that will be generated later.

5) Select “Show advanced options”

6) Under “Audio connection options”, ensure that your “Audio connection type” is set as “Webex Audio”. You can select if the global call-in number is displayed or not. You can find out more information about global dial-in here.webex_advanced_audio_options

7) Under Agenda, you can enter the agenda for the meeting which students and other guests will be able to see in the meeting.

8) Under “Scheduling Options” ensure the following:

  • “Require account” is unchecked.
  • “Alternate host” is unchecked.
  • Change “Automatic recording” to your preference. You can record meetings and upload them to ClickView or SEQTA later for students who would like to reference them later. This is similar to a Uni Lecture.
  • Change “Exclude password” to your preference. If you are adding all of the students’ emails in to the invitation above, then you can either include or exclude the password for the meeting.
  • Change “Registration” to your preference. If you would like students or attendees to “request access” to the meeting then change this to “Require attendee registration”.
  • Modify the “Email reminder” to your preference.
  • Select “Edit Meeting options”. In this menu you can select options that you want students and participants to have when the meeting begins.
  • Select “Attendee privileges”. In this menu you can select privileges that you want students and attendees to have when the meeting begins.


9) Once you are happy with your settings, Select “Schedule”.

10) You will now be on a screen similar to the one below. You should have also received a email confirmation from Webex, and a meeting request should also be on your DOE calendar.

11) You can provide the below information to students and other attendees:

  • Meeting link: this is a one click link. If a student or attendee clicks on this link then they will automatically join the meeting provided they have the Webex App installed. Otherwise they will be directed to install the App. They will require the password.
  • Meeting number: they can enter this straight into the Webex App on their desktop.webex_meeting_scheduled_example


12) You can invite more students and attendees on the right hand side with their email address.

Additional Resources

  • Click here for a video tutorial from Webex on how to schedule a meeting.