Invite and share access to a Webex Meeting from the Desktop App

Audience: College Staff, Students and Parents


  • Staff must have downloaded and installed the Cisco Webex Teams App.

You can easily host instant meetings in your Personal Room. You can also invite people to your Personal Room after a meeting has started. When you invite people to your Personal Room, they can easily find your meetings since the link to your meeting location never changes.

1) Open Webex Meetings or download it here.

2) Login to the Webex Meetings Desktop Application

3) Select “Start a Meeting”
























4) Your personal room will open. Change any settings to your camera, microphone and sound, then press “Start Meeting”Webex_startMeeting_PR


5) At the bottom of the room, select the icon that looks like 3 dots.Webex_Meeting_PR_Empty


6) Then select copy meeting link. Your meeting link is automatically copied to the clipboard.

7) You can paste this link into SEQTA, a Direqt Message, a Group Chat, Email or where ever you would like. Anyone who clicks this link will be able to join your meeting.

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