Add Tests to a Scheduled Training Session – Webex Training

Audience: College Staff


  • You must have already created and saved a test before adding it to a scheduled session.

During the training session scheduling process, you can also add a test that you have already created and saved to the Test Library.

1) Login to Webex Training here.

2) Open or create an existing or new Scheduled Training session.

3) Scroll down to Tests. Select add test. If you selected the option to automatically delete the training session from site after it ends, a message box appears. If you do not turn off this option, you lose all tests associated with this session once it has ended.

4) On the Add Test page, select one of the following and select Next:

5) Modify the settings as you require. Decide if the test needs to be completed before, during or after the session. Select your time limit (if there is one). Check or uncheck whether or not you would like the report to be sent to the attendee. Select how many times they are allowed to attempt the test.WebexTest

6) Select “Save”

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