Forward calls from your Cisco VoIP Phone to another extension or your mobile phone.

Audience: College Staff


  • This will forward all calls, only do this if you want all calls to the phone to be forwarded.

All Cisco phones can have “forward-all” setup without any input or configuration by the Joseph Banks Secondary College IT Support Team or the DOE Customer Service Centre.

1) On the phone press the “Forward-All” soft key along the bottom of the LED display. You may need to select the “2-dots” to change to the next menu.

2) Enter the phone number or extension you would like to forward all calls too. Remember: include the external “0” at the beginning of external numbers. For example, if you wanted to forward all calls to 9123 7456 you would need to enter 091237456 as the forward number.

3) All calls will now be forwarded to the number entered above. This will include any calls transferred to that phone.

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