Create a New Test in Webex Training

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In Webex Training, you can create a test in the Test Library or create a test and then add it to a scheduled training session. You can add a test to a recorded session only if your site includes the On-Demand Module option.

1) On the Test Library page, click Create New Test.

2) Specify the following:

  • Test title and description
  • Maximum score — Select the check box and type the score in the text box to specify the maximum score an attendee can receive.
  • Grades — Select the check box to assign a grade based on the attendee’s scores. Click the Specify Grades link to specify a grading scale.
  • Display question — Select one of the following:
    • All questions in one page
    • One question per page

3) Click the Insert Question link to add a question or instructions to the test. The Add Question window appears.

4) Click the Question Type drop-down list. The following table defines each question type. questiontypes


5) In the drop-down list, do one of the following:

  • Choose Instructions to add instructions in the beginning of the test, and click Save.
  • Choose one question type, compose the question, specify the correct answers, and click Save.
  • Important: To save you time in scoring, Training Center automatically checks attendees’ answers against the correct answers you specify. You must specify answers for all question types except Essay. Once you start a test, you cannot change the questions or answers. Ensure that the answers are correct before you start the test or the scoring will be incorrect.

6) Follow the same instructions to add additional questions to the test.

7) In the Scoring Panel area for each question, specify a score for the correct answer and optionally type scoring guidelines or comments for the person who will score the test.

8) To rearrange questions, click the Move Up or Move Down links. To edit a question, click Edit.

9) Click Save.

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