Access College Shared or H Drives on your iPad

Audience: College Staff and Students


  • The iPad must be running iPadOS 13 or above to connect to an external network drive.

You can use the Files app  to access files stored on external devices or servers, such as USB drives and SD cards, file servers, and other cloud storage providers like Box and Dropbox, after you connect them to your iPad.

On the Windows Desktops around the College, your H:\ drive is where all of your documents and files are saved by default.

  1. Open the Files app on your iPad
  2. Tap the More button at the top of the Browse sidebar.If you don’t see the Browse sidebar, tap Browse at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap Connect to Server.
  4. Enter a E4192S01SV001 as the server.

    Tip: After you connect to a computer or file server, it appears in the Recent Servers list on the Connect to Server screen. To connect to a recent server, tap its name.
  5. Select how you want to connect:
    • Select Registered User: enter your College user name and password.
  6. Tap Next, then select the server volume or shared folder in the Browse sidebar (under Shared).

Finding the Shared Drive

Once you have connected, you can find the shared drive by clicking on the folder named Shared. Then if you are a staff member select AdminShared or if you are a student, select CurricShared.

Finding your H:\ Drive

Your H:\ Drive or Home Drive can be found by selecting the fsSchools folder once you connect to the server. Select either Staff Folders or Student Folders depending on your need. Then select Joseph Banks SC, and locate your username. Once you open that folder, you will see your H:\ Drive or My Documents Folder.

To disconnect from the file server, tap the Eject button next to the server in the Browse sidebar.

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