Get Started – Staff

Get Started

Welcome to Joseph Banks Secondary College. On this page we’ll get your JBSC experience underway by helping you through some IT essentials that you will need for day one.


New staff at JBSC will need to have a completed commencement or already work in the Public Education System to continue.


1) Check your commencement has been completed

This is a vital step, if you have not commenced at Joseph Banks Secondary College, then the majority of our systems will not recognise you as a current team member.

What is a commencement?

 A commencement is the confirmation that you are officially starting at Joseph Banks Secondary College. It means that payroll and HR have officially been notified that you have started. You will have a commencement date. This date is the day that you will officially start being paid, as well as have access to our systems.


a) Do you have an eNumber?
If you don’t have a eNumber then you have not been commenced, or your commencement is in progress. You need an eNumber to progress any further through the list. To check on the progress of your commencement, contact the individual that is handling your appointment, or email the College here.

b) So you have an eNumber, but do you know your password?
If you have been successfully commenced, or have previously worked in the Department of Education, then you have an eNumber. If you remember your password, continue on to the next step, otherwise you can reset your password here, or contact the IT Service Team here.

c) Fantastic, you have an eNumber and know your password!
Ok, since you know your eNumber and password, from here on out we will refer to these as your College Credentials. Now we can check if you have been commenced successfully. Jump on the the Department of Education address book here and login with your College credentials.

Under E-Number, type your’s in. Hopefully you have been displayed as a result, if not then you have not been commenced successfully. If you are there, check that the Department field says Joseph Banks Secondary College. Remember it can take up to 24 hours after you officially commence for everything to sync up.

If your Department is Joseph Banks Secondary College, then congratulations, you can move on to step number 2.


2) BYOD Support and Connect to Wifi

At Joseph Banks Secondary College we support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). However there are some restrictions in place to keep yourself and other College users safe:

  • Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 must bring a Apple iPad
  • Students in Year 10 onward have an open policy, like staff.
  • Devices must follow the n-1 rule. This means the device must be running either the current or previous Operating System available. So at the moment, these Operating Systems are compatible:
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8.1
    • MacOS Catalina
    • MacOS Mojave
    • iOS 13
    • iOS 12
  • Andriod Devices are not allowed or supported.
You need to physically be at Joseph Banks Secondary College from this point forward to continue.


At the College there are two (2) Wifi networks, Wireless-2.4 and Wireless-5. Where possible, users should connect to Wireless-5 as it is faster and there is less interference.

a) On your respective device, select the option to connect to one of the College’s Wifi networks.

b) When prompted, enter your username and password. These are your College credentials. If you are a Windows user, you may need to enter “blue\” before your username. This allows Windows to figure out that you are connecting to your College credentials.


3) Login to Ikon, Access Emails and Set Security Questions

Ikon is the Department of Educations intranet. It contains mountains of information on policies, procedures and support. You can access your Department of Education emails from here as well.

a) Go to the link above and login using your College credentials. Once you login, make yourself familiar with the layout and navigation of Ikon.

b) Click on the user icon in the top right of Ikon. Select Change user validation questionPlease set your user validation questions, this will assist you in resetting your password, should you not be able to contact the IT Support Team.

c) Access your emails by clicking on the envelope icon in the top-right corner of the page.

Once you have confirmed that you can access Ikon, your emails, and have changed your user validation questions, you can move on to step number 3.


4) Login to SEQTA

SEQTA is the College’s Learning Management System (LMS). We use SEQTA for the below:

  • Timetables (Student and Staff)
  • Student Pastoral Care
  • Student Information
  • Online delivery of content, homework and course outline.

Students and Parents rely heavily on the content within SEQTA, thus it is really important that you keep all of your lessons and course work up to date.

a) Staff can access SEQTA here:

b) Login with your College credentials. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the IT Service Team here.

c) You will land on the Welcome page which will load the Joseph Banks Secondary College Intranet, specifically the staff dashboard. Familiarise yourself with the quick links and DOE links on the right hand side. We also recommend bookmarking SEQTA or adding a shortcut to your desktop.


5) Navigating and Using SEQTA

SEQTA is a massive piece of Software, and learning where everything is and how to achieve something can be easy to learn, but difficult to master. This step will take you through the very basic functionality of SEQTA, however there is plenty of support documentation available here.

a) Navigating the SEQTA Teach interface

You can view SEQTA’s instructions on how to navigate here.

b) Navigating and Using My Day (Part 1)


c) Navigating and Using My Day (Part 2)


d) Navigating and Using My Day (Part 3)


6) Classroom & College IT

Every classroom is equipped with several pieces of IT to help you engage and teach on a daily basis.

a) Commbox or TV
Every Classroom has a Commbox or TV to display digital content to students. Every connection to an external display in the College is HDMI. It is your responsibility to make your device compatible with our displays.

b) Wifi
In the middle of most classroom ceilings is a white box with a coloured LED. This is what we call a Wireless Access Point (WAP). If you are experiencing issues with Wifi in your classroom it is extremely important that you report it to the IT Support Team.

c) Printing and Photocopying
All users have the ability to photocopy and print at devices located around the College. The two (2) main Photocopiers are located at Main Reception and the Discovery Centre. You can access your online printing account here. You will need to login with your College credentials. See below information on how to install printers on your device:

You will need your Staff Printing account activated before you will be able to print, please see the IT Support Team to get your account activated. They will also print your Staff ID card.


7) Access the IT Support Knowledge Base & Finish Up

The IT Support team have developed a mass knowledge base. It contains troubleshooting information, Professional Learning and other important information.

a) Click here to navigate to the Knowledge Base. We recommend you bookmark this web page for future reference.

b) Once you have completed all of the above, you are ready for day one!

Welcome to the JBSC Team!